Healthy Diet

Good health comes from good nutrition. Each of us are unique… the way we live, the way we eat, drink, and move. We all have different goals and work differently to achieve them. The best way to successfully build healthy habits and start nourishing is by understanding YOU. Healthy eating starts with all the family members on board.

As a professional nutritionist and Dietitian, my goal is to spread a wide knowledge and awareness in people about healthy eating habits. Help you to meet individual nutritional goals with an emphasis on practical skills, everyday foods and providing you with up to date advice. Give you with personalized diet plan considering your food preferences, health, work, family and lifestyle needs.

Detailed medical history

lifestyle assessment

Online 1 - 1 consultation

Fully Customized diet plan

Progress tracking

Weekly evolution

Daily monitoring

Online follow up calls

Customized recipes

30 minutes video session

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